A note from the Gaffer…..

Hello BCAFC eSports fans,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to briefly summarise last season and to let you our plans for our second season.

Last season

This was our first taste of life on the VPG pro clubs scene as BCAFC eSports. The team consisted of some veterans of the pro clubs circuit and some exciting raw talent. We were placed in the 2nd tier of the VPG pyramid participating in the Championship North, a challenge was awaiting us. The first few weeks were tough as we struggled to find an identity and chemistry style that suited us. After some personnel changes, a formation change and some consistency in player availability performances began to improve. We finished our debut season in a disappointing but respectful 16th in the table, but some positives to take into the new season and some exciting talent promoted from the Academy. So plenty to be excited about for season ahead.

New season

After a reshuffle in the VPG Pyramid system we find ourselves in the Premiership North and the English Premier league which will see us compete against all other affiliated clubs in the VPG. We’ve had to have a massive recruitment drive to find the experience and talent necessary to compete at this level, over the last 2 weeks we have trialled some 50+ players. Picking my squad for the season has been challenging and exciting, especially with the new imposed squad limit of 25 registered players. We have recruited some exciting new players and some old friends from previous teams to add depth to our already strong squad. Expectations for this season from myself would be a high mid table finish, I’m confident we can achieve this judging by our performances in pre-season tournaments we have entered. With our new formation and patient style of play we have become a team that is hard to break down, I can’t wait to see the team in action when it kicks off on Monday the 13th Jan. Please join us on our journey to the prestigious VPG eSports Premier League.


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